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SMF 1.1 RC 2 Is Out!

I just made a comment in a previous post about phpBB vs. SMF where a user mentioned the pains that we all go through when upgrading phpBB. I commneted that I cannot actually compare upgrade procedures between the two packages because from the first … [Read more...]

Another “What Is Ajax” Introduction

What Is Ajax? — It's become very popular lately, even though it's not exactly new. It's been possible to use the concept behind AJAX since browsers introduced the XMLHttpRequest function in 1999. Enjoy Rob Gonda's highly popular ColdFusion … [Read more...]

The AJAX Year In Review

We've seen and heard a lot about Ajax in 2005. Here is the Ajax year of 2005 in review: The AJAX Year In Review — The term (and world-wide attention) behind AJAX is not even a year old, but you can find a wide range of powerful tools … [Read more...]

Ajax Based Periodic Table

Andrew Sutherland developed a beautiful Ajax Based version of the Periodic Table. You click on an element in the table and a window pops up up with more detailed information about the element. The rest of the page is also greyed out. Check it … [Read more...]

phpBB 2.0.19 released

After all the security issues with phpBB 2.0.18, version 2.0.19 is finally out. phpBB Group announces the release of phpBB 2.0.19, the "we wish you all a happy new year" release. This release addresses several bugfixes and some security issues … [Read more...]

Ajax Activity Indicators

One of the major complaints that users have about Ajax interfaces is that they have no idea when things are happening in the background. If some important background activity is going to be happening, something that the user needs to wait for, a … [Read more...]

Fixing the Back Button and Enabling Bookmarking for AJAX Apps

It's been a long time in the making, but I've finally decided to release a link about this. I have been hunting around a couple places and looking at different solutions around, this is the only thing that seems to work for me. Check out this … [Read more...]

New AJAX Website Unveiled:

New AJAX Website Unveiled: @ SYS-CON AUSTRALIA If you want to learn AJAX you should probably buy a few books, buy an AJAX IDE, and go to a few training classes. But all three things will cost you money. So why not first mingle with … [Read more...]