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Firefox 1.5 Released

Ok, Firefox 1.5 was finally released today from Mozilla. Um, I must say that I'm not really impressed. Well, given the types of updates that were made, most people won't notice a huge difference. There is added support for all sorts of things like … [Read more...]

Web Development vs. Desktop Development

An interesting article from John Carroll | explores the differences between AJAX and desktop development. Ajax is rapidly growing into something a lot of developers did not expect. Web designers can now design flashier web pages (minus … [Read more...]

AJAX Wikipedia Tools

An interesting article from introduces a couple new tools for Wikipedia. The popularity of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, is spawning a host of complementary tools and offshoots. One of them is called … [Read more...]

Should Ajax Be Independent of the Server?

I came across the following article: » How AJAX kills the application server | Software as services | and was a bit surprised. An unnoticed side-effect of implementing rich Internet application platforms — whether they're AJAX or … [Read more...]

AHAH: Asynchronous HTML and HTTP or AJA?

AHAH: Asynchronous HTML and HTTP.  Or AJA, as I like to call it; Asyhcrhronous JavaScript And…. :).  Also known as AJAH: Asynchronous JavaScript and HTML.  OK, so we’re just throwing around terms here, but basically it … [Read more...]

Google Leading Web 2.0

An article from LinuxWorld brought something to my attention today. The article speaks about Goggle's use of AJAX and the fact that developers started making use of AJAX and other Web 2.0 objects after Google. Google Maps was Ground Zero. Within … [Read more...]

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zimbra Releaseing New Ajax Powered Webmail

The Break Down All three of these companies have decided to give webmail a "fresh spin": Microsoft and Yahoo are poised to make Web-based e-mail more powerful than ever with updates that bring a desktop-style interface to their respective Web mail … [Read more...]

AJAX – Things To Keep In Mind

Since the boom of Ajax a couple months ago, a lot of developers have been riding the wave. But there are somethings that you need to keep in mind. You can't just go totally Ajax-crazy unless it suits your particular needs. If you are still … [Read more...]