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Nail in The Coffin – Hacked

In what can only be described as very embarrassing Mamboserver has been hacked. The open source content management system that lost it's entire development team and the vast majority of the community not so long ago has today had it's web site … [Read more...]

Joomla! 1.0.4 Security Release Out

Joomla! 1.0.4 [ Sundial ] is out today. It covers a number of security issues: Critical Level Threats Potentional XSS injection through GET and other variables - Affects all previous versions of Joomla! and Mambo Hardened SEF against … [Read more...]

Opera Jumping On Board the Ajax Train

Opera has announced a beta software development kit (SDK) for its mobile phone Web browser and user interface package, called Opera Platform. I thought I was the only one seeing the benefit of using Ajax. :D Full Article at … [Read more...]

JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) Cheat Sheet

Dave over at has a nice cheat sheet in PDF and PNG format. Nice and wallet sized. Included, you'll find a guide to the XMLHttpRequest object, functions and methods (from DOM and otherwise), some simple JavaScript, Regular … [Read more...]

Microsoft Claims AJAX

Brian Goldfarb, a Microsoft Product Manager, had an interview some days ago where he answered questions about the company's plans with Ajax development tools. This is quite an interesting article. However, I love the way that Dion at … [Read more...]

HTML, PHP, etc Code Editor

This is where many web developers tend to disagree. We can never seem to settle on a good code editor, ever. I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorites and some that I hate. First off, I live and die by Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Win/Mac. … [Read more...]

HTML Tutorial

Since this blog does (claim to) encompass all sorts of Web Development. I've decided to insert a couple basic links. I'm not much for HTML my self. Honestly speaking, I don't know much HTML and I refuse to learn it. Yes, I am a Web Developer and … [Read more...]

Fast CGI Installation

After days of configuring and reconfiguring, I have finally gotten the sequence down for a Fast CGI installation. Please note, these instructions are specifically for a fresh install of Fedora Core 4. This is what I've been working with, for … [Read more...]