Archives for January 2006

9 Tips for Designing Rich Internet Applications

Bill Scoot over at Looks Good Works Well wrote a very interesting article: Nine Tips for Designing Rich Internet Applications. Here's a synopsis: Make it directly interactive Make it inviting Use lightweight, in-context popups … [Read more...]

On Vacation pt 2

First off, let me apologize again for the lack of posts, again. Would you believe it? My internet connection was down for an entire week. I almost dug out my eyeballs. And it came up the day before I leave for the second part of my … [Read more...]

Link Tracking with Ajax

I found this rather interesting: One of the more interesting aspects of Ajax is the ability to track a user’s interaction within the browser. I wanted to investigate navigation patterns, so I have written an Ajax based link tracker. If you … [Read more...]

Ajax Debugging via Greasemonkey

Honestly I don't see why this hasn't made more of an impact because this script is awesome. One of the pains that Ajax developers go through is debugging. Now, with the help of Greasemonkey the XMLHttpRequest object can be traced. The … [Read more...]

Accessing Sites on Different Domains With AJAX

After reading posts from Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life and Links on the Semantic Web I noticed that some people are having problems when making AJAX calls from one serer to another. I believe is the problem that most would come across: Error: … [Read more...]

On Vacation

For those of you who made it to 2006, welcome. I just thought I should mention that up until mid-January, I'll officially be on vacation on the beautiful island of Dominica. As result of the excessive partying, beaches, and rivers (yes we really do … [Read more...]