Archives for November 2006

Social Networking Conference

What are you going to be doing on January 15th and 16th? Will you per chance be in the Miami Beach area? Well, there is going to be Social Networking Conference. This is being held for the Social Networking and Online Personals industry. Speakers … [Read more...]

Website Promotion with DiscountClick

Now I know we've all had this problem. Starting up a new website and waiting for the visitors to come rolling in. With blogs it's one thing. There are many services for blogs that do pings every time you submit an article and stuff like that. … [Read more...]

Zamzar – Free Online File Conversion

It's funny how these new AJAX applications always have these funny names. Zamzar, wow. But I must say, I haven't seen anything like it. Well we've all seen file conversion. We might have even seen it free. And a few of us have come into contact with … [Read more...]

PHP vs. VB6

This is funny. I can't tell you how funny this is. They're actually comparing PHP to VB6. Basically, VB6 sucks as a language and for that reason should be reduced to scripting where as PHP is somewhat similar because it makes an excellent scripting … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons to Learn C (not C++)

Now I've heard pros and cons and pros and cons for this topic. Read the article and tell me what you guys think. Here is a basic rundown: C is lower level then other programming languages Device drivers and operating systems are written … [Read more...]

Structure CSS Files

Sometimes we forget that CSS is actually code. Usually it is just thrown together as an after thought because we simply one a few styles here and there. However, anyone who has dealt with CSS files over 100 lines long knows that just throwing … [Read more...]

Pretty CSS Forms

With the advent of CSS we knew that the visual aspect of HTML would be vastly improved. At least that was supposed to be the plan. We've seen it a lot with images and text, but I must say this is the first time that I've seen CSS used with forms in … [Read more...]

Top 10 CSS Image Galleries – DIY

I'm not sure how many of you actually gave thought to creating your own Image Gallery, I know I haven't. If I needed one I'd just use a prepackaged one. But that was because my application always needed an entire gallery. But if you just need to … [Read more...]