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AJAX Image Editor – Snipshot

For most of my real quick image editing I usually use Paint.NET. That's for when Photoshop is overkill and I'm not really a Gimp man, sorry. And of course MS Paint, or whatever it's called now, it's going to cut it, ever. But what do you do when … [Read more...]

LinkMania: January 18, 2007

First off, let me apologize for the many weeks of no posts. I'll give you some more information later, but basically I got a new job (yaaaaay) and I had to move about 150 miles to search for apartments and all the stuff that goes with it. That, … [Read more...]

Start The Year Off Right – Developing Web Applications with AJAX

For those of you just wiping the remnants of 2006 out of your eyes welcome to 2007. If it's January 1st and it's before daylight I hope you're just reading this before you go to bed or something, because if you aren't out with friends partying, I … [Read more...]