Archives for February 2007

AJAX Contact Form

Before we even begin, one good question that anyone would ask is since this came out over one and a half years ago, why am I only now getting wind of this? Good question. Wish I had a good answer. But on to business: AJAX Contact form 0.9. Demo … [Read more...]

Blog Revival

It's been a long time but I finally decided to breathe some life back into Day In The Life of Baz. It's been a while since I touched anything on that blog. With the whole graduation thing and the job hut and the starting a new job and moving, I've … [Read more...]

More JavaScript Reflections – Automated JavaScript Vertical Flip Image Reflection

I'm not sure what to make of this: Automated JavaScript Vertical Flip Image Reflection. It adds reflections to images using JavaScript. But, am I missing something here, or has it already been done? It seems to do basically the same thing with less … [Read more...]

Tables vs. CSS, A No Brainer

Introduction Here we go again, the age old story. Do we use plain old HTML Tables or do we invest the time and energy into learning and using CSS properly? Duh, it's not even worth saying anymore. Tables suck, tables have always sucked. The only … [Read more...]

Job Update – Part 1

Introduction OK, now I did promise you some information about my new job, so here goes. First off we need a little background information. How It All Started Sometime back in October of 2006, during my last semester of school, a Software company … [Read more...]

Clock Your AJAX Apps and Website Load Time with WebWait

Introduction Ever wanted to clock your website's speed? Of course you have. If you're any sort of Web Developer you've used Web Page Analyzer in the past and you've probably gotten by with it. There's a new AJAX tool called WebWait, which does a … [Read more...]