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Web Development 2.0 Carnival – September 24, 2007

Welcome to the September 24, 2007 edition of web development 2.0. Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To The Mobile Web (Cell Phone Browsing Humor) posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog. General Paul presents Make Web Site Development Easy posted at … [Read more...]

Reward Your Regular Readers – Skip The Ads

Now I know you've read about this and it's usually a good idea: concentrate most of your ads on your older posts and hide ads from your regular visitors. I mean, they come here everyday, reward them with a little bit of clean content. But also, if … [Read more...]

Review: StaticPageBuilder

Introduction These guys make it a point of duty to try their hardest to follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines to drive traffic. Who benefits from this service? Based on the name of this service, you can see that it's not for your average blogger. … [Read more...]

Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Make You A jQuery Expert

Introduction In the spirit of rapid web development, I've stumbled upon jQuery. Here's a testimonial from a jQuery user: You start with 10 lines of jQuery that would have been 20 lines of tedious DOM JavaScript. By the time you are done it's down … [Read more...]

I Hate Internet Explorer With A Passion

I jsut realized that my brand new Wordpress theme sucks in Internet Explorer 7. My footer doesn't show up, and my sidebar is all the way to the bottom. I remember when I first started with this them, I went through the whole cross browser thing … [Read more...]

Web Development 2.0 Carnival – September 8, 2007

I am proud to present the first edition of Carnival of Web Development 2.0. This is my first time hosting one of these things, so enjoy: General Doug Boude presents DEMYSTIFYING JSON posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with 'loud') sylv3rblade … [Read more...]

The Secret of CakePHP Advanced Routing – Even Better URLs

The power of CakePHP has a lot to do with conventions. The framework (like many others) harnesses its power by enforcing certain conventions and standards that users must follow. You name your database tables, file names, etc; a particular way and … [Read more...]