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AJAX and JavaScript Date Pickers

One thing which I usually find quite annoying is using input boxes in forms for user entered dates. Having the user manually enter date, day, month, year seems so 1997 to me. However in the interest of time, this is what most programmers slap into … [Read more...]

Need To Find A Dentist

I guess the thing with me is that I'm just so lazy. There's not much else to it. Even with the world wide web sitting at my finger tips damn near anytime I please, I still haven't taken the time to do what I should have done months ago, which is to … [Read more...]

Automate MySQL Database Backup With WebCron – No Cron Jobs? No Problem – Part 2

Got The Cron Web Cron is a great method of automating tasks on your server if you're not blessed with cron jobs. However, after writing this I stumbled onto something that may fit your needs a bit better; Remote Cron is that service. It's everything … [Read more...]

See How Easily You Can Increase Page Load Time 10 Fold With jQuery

Introduction It's no new news to us that images hurt a page's load time worst then anything out there. There are a lot of things you can do to try and alleviate some of the problem. You can use smaler images, you can reduce the quality on images, … [Read more...]

I Think I Owe IE 6 An Apology, Nah.

I had some downtime tonight (well not really, but I figure that was a good form of procrastination) so I decided to take a quick look into my blog and see what the issue was with Internet Explorer 6.0 and my sidebar. It turns out, as you may … [Read more...]

I Hate Internet Explorer 6.0 Even More

After all the trouble I went through making sure my theme works in Internet Explorer 7, you'd think that would be all right? Nope. Last night I had some problems trying to get Ubuntu on my computer. One of the steps involved restoring a previous … [Read more...]

Automate MySQL Database Backup With WebCron – No Cron Jobs? No Problem – Part 1

What To Do When You Can't Cron One pet peeve that I have with 1and1 hosting was their lack of Cron Jobs. Cron Jobs are basically the Unix method of scheduling stuff, much like the Windows Task Scheduler. If you're on a Unix/Linux host, then they use … [Read more...]

Hardware Fax Solutions

Faxing is something you don't really hear many people talking about these days. Now do you really blame them? With the advent of email, what's really the point, right? But there's a hybrid: there are high tech businesses that live in a world of fiber … [Read more...]