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Statistics – Traffic, RSS, etc

Now it wouldn’t be fair to charge you without having a look at what you’re paying for now would it?
I get upwards of 9,000 visitors a month, with about 250 RSS visitors.Traffic Statistics - Google Analytics

Ad Solutions

We provide ads on a monthly basis on this blog. We offer three ad solutions here at Web Development 2.0:

  • 125 x 125 button links – These are by far the best performers. Your ad will be one of the four (4) ads in the right sidebar.
  • Static Text Link – You’ll get a text link under the 125px button links.
  • Inline Link – These are links placed inside of a post. These links will be of already existing text in the post.
  • Feed Footer Link – Your ad will one of ten (10) rotating ads at the bottom of the posts in the RSS feeds.

Custom Solution

Contact me personally if you have some request that doesn’t fit into this range.