Opera Jumping On Board the Ajax Train

Opera has announced a beta software development kit (SDK) for its mobile phone Web browser and user interface package, called Opera Platform. I thought I was the only one seeing the benefit of using Ajax. :D Full Article at News.com … [Read more...]

JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) Cheat Sheet

Dave over at ILoveJackDaniels.com has a nice cheat sheet in PDF and PNG format. Nice and wallet sized. Included, you'll find a guide to the XMLHttpRequest object, functions and methods (from DOM and otherwise), some simple JavaScript, Regular … [Read more...]

Microsoft Claims AJAX

Brian Goldfarb, a Microsoft Product Manager, had an interview some days ago where he answered questions about the company's plans with Ajax development tools. This is quite an interesting article. However, I love the way that Dion at Ajaxian.com … [Read more...]

AJAX and Fast CGI

Here's a little intro what I've been working on at my Job for the past couple months. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML for web development. Basically you use a some JavaScript to get down below the browser level and control HTTP … [Read more...]

Enter AJAX

I first came across AJAX at my job. I was trying to give an application some Web capabilities and I realized that the normal way the browser works was very limited. In an article at News.com, Martin LaMonica has also realized the limits we are … [Read more...]