WordPress Widgets

Now I know I'm late, very late. But I finally decided to find out what all the fuss was about. The great thing about Widgets is that you can drag them all over the place. Of course, they are made for the sidebar, but you can reorder them however you … [Read more...]

FeedBurner + Google search cache = Instant Blog Back Up

Recently, I've had a problem with a blog that I manage. Due to a server issue, the database was totally screwed up. It was weird. The first thing I noticed is that the posts for the last five (5) or so days were gone. I thought that some absent … [Read more...]

Moving WordPress To A Different Domain

No, I'm not moving, not yet anyway. But Lava is. She scored a domain name which describes her blog so perfectly, that she couldn't help but nab it up: HowISaveMoney.net. Now what are the odds that this domain would still be lying around? Lava … [Read more...]

Blog Revival

It's been a long time but I finally decided to breathe some life back into Day In The Life of Baz. It's been a while since I touched anything on that blog. With the whole graduation thing and the job hut and the starting a new job and moving, I've … [Read more...]

Fixed vs. Fluid Layouts and Screen Resolutions

I've sort of been fighting it for a while now. I must say I've been stuck in the past and I apologize for that. I was stuck in the whole "It's gotta be less that 800 pixels" things. That's just a basic rule of accessibility, which I've carried from … [Read more...]

Saving Money Blog

Ok, It's been a long time in the making, I'll be the first to admit. This is a blog by a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless. There are some interesting tips on saving money and some cute lil' rants. Check it out: Save Money. … [Read more...]

Getting Paid to Blog

I found this post interesting. Although I don't consider myself much of a blogger, bills do have to be paid. Tony writes: Its as though one loses their status as a “real” blogger the instant you put up Google Adwords, or start selling … [Read more...]