Getting Sassy with Compass and Sass

Well last night I finally took the plunge and now I don't know what it is I was waiting for all these years. Sass enables you to create CSS with much less effort than before. It brings CSS closer to the programming language that we all wish it … [Read more...]

IE Hack: CSS Centering – Another Reason I Hate Internet Explorer

So here's another common Internet Explorer CSS hack that's pretty popular and not too ugly. Here's The Problem ie-css-min-height-hack This is how normal people horizontally center block elements using CSS: You slap on a width (I mean, that should … [Read more...]

Make Your Web Site Not Suck In Internet Explorer – IE CSS Min-Height Hack

Now it's not surprise to anyone out there that I hate Internet Explorer. No I mean I really hate it! One of the reasons that I hate it so much is that it's buggy. Call it whatever you want, maybe it's too forgiving on bad HTML or CSS, but whatever … [Read more...]

Create 3 Column CSS Layouts Like A CSS God!

Here's the kindergarten version of a 3 Column CSS layout that you're going to get from most other websites: Simple enough right? The alignment is done in your style sheet, where the left would float left, the center would also float left and the … [Read more...]

Incredible Expanding Menu

Now there's a lot of code involved and the menu created doesn't really fit normal usability standards, but the end result is cool. Happy July 4th to all you guys. Source: Accessible expanding and collapsing menu [456 Berea Street] … [Read more...]

Web 2.0 Buttons On The Fly

Now I've never really been a Photoshop guy. I just don't have an eye for that stuff, even if it may be very basic. What's my solution? My Cool Button. This service allows you to created, not to bad if I do say so myself, Web 2.0 buttons on the … [Read more...]

Very Fancy Menus – CSS And JavaScript

Saw this and I was amazed: All done with CSS And JavaScript. The implementation is also brilliantly simple. And it all fits in 1.5KB. What's to lose? By the way, you can't tell by the image, but the image under that travel menu; it moves … [Read more...]

Tables vs. CSS, A No Brainer

Introduction Here we go again, the age old story. Do we use plain old HTML Tables or do we invest the time and energy into learning and using CSS properly? Duh, it's not even worth saying anymore. Tables suck, tables have always sucked. The only … [Read more...]