Nifty Corners: Rounded Corners Without Images

I read this title and I was a bit confused. How, was my first question. Well, they did it. They did it a number of ways. Basically, they use a full background color and use CSS and a little bit of JavaScript to "eat" away at the corners. Very … [Read more...]

Dynamically Loading CSS Files

Nothing new, just a different spin on it. View the source at byteMyCode. You simply call function CSS (url, media) and that's it. It fetches the URL of the CSS style sheet; checks to see whether the file has already been loaded. If not it dynamically … [Read more...]

CSS Column Layouts

Dynamic Drive has done us all a huge favor. They have code for different CSS layouts: Fixed, Fluid, Two Column, Three Column and everything in between. Do enjoy. … [Read more...]