8 Reasons HTML Emails Hurt Marketing

Now I'm not sure how many of you bloggers and web developers out there have looked into email marketing. I personally find that the line between good email marketing and spam is a big gray blurry one so I tend to stay away from it. But for you guys … [Read more...]

Dynamic Paypal Buttons via Javascript

Paypal's website payments is perfect for small sites. You have a few products you want to sell so you don't want to install a full blown shopping cart or anything. So we use Paypal a great solution but with a few limitations: Dave writes: The … [Read more...]

New HTML Group Reinventing HTML

Interesting article from the Decentralized Information Group talking about an HTML group which is being developed, whose goals include reinventing HTML as we know it. Any development of HTML needs to be in minor increments. We've seen the … [Read more...]

30 Firefox Downloads Per Second

mbeltzner Writes: Apparently, people loves them some Firefox. Within 24 hours of the official launch on Tuesday, there were over 2 million people using Firefox 2, and we were seeing a peak rate of more than 30 downloads per second from our … [Read more...]

JeffCroft.com: What does it mean to be a “professional” web designer?

Jeff Croft Writes: But there was a mindset created in the 90s that anyone could make a web page. That line of thinking led bosses to direct secretaries and copy editors to produce corporate sites and a whole wave of self-proclaimed "designers" to … [Read more...]

Getting Started with JavaScript – A C# Perspective

Peter's Gekko : Pragmatic OOP in JavaScript Getting started is no big deal. At first sight you just start typing ahead pretending to write in C#. But there is no compiler or unit testing to validate your work; not until the code is interpreted at … [Read more...]

Ajax Coding Challenge at About.com

About.com is having a coding competition. Ajax is the topic. So all you Ajax guys out there, this is where you flex your muscles. Give it your best shot, rules at the bottom. One thing I find funny is that they actually allow the use of third … [Read more...]

My Apologies for the Downtime

Well, it's not really downtime, but I apologize none the less. It just hasn't been the same since I got back from vacation. I've had virtually no time to myself to make any productive posts. There have been issues with school, with computer access, … [Read more...]