On Vacation pt 2

First off, let me apologize again for the lack of posts, again. Would you believe it? My internet connection was down for an entire week. I almost dug out my eyeballs. And it came up the day before I leave for the second part of my … [Read more...]

On Vacation

For those of you who made it to 2006, welcome. I just thought I should mention that up until mid-January, I'll officially be on vacation on the beautiful island of Dominica. As result of the excessive partying, beaches, and rivers (yes we really do … [Read more...]

Register for Ajax Seminar

There is going to be an Ajax Seminar in New York in March 2006. Registration is now available at AjaxSeminar.com. Prices are as follows: Super Early Bird Holiday Special (Before December 31, 2005) - $695 Early Bird (Before January 31, … [Read more...]

Firefox 1.5 Released

Ok, Firefox 1.5 was finally released today from Mozilla. Um, I must say that I'm not really impressed. Well, given the types of updates that were made, most people won't notice a huge difference. There is added support for all sorts of things like … [Read more...]

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zimbra Releaseing New Ajax Powered Webmail

The Break Down All three of these companies have decided to give webmail a "fresh spin": Microsoft and Yahoo are poised to make Web-based e-mail more powerful than ever with updates that bring a desktop-style interface to their respective Web mail … [Read more...]

HTML, PHP, etc Code Editor

This is where many web developers tend to disagree. We can never seem to settle on a good code editor, ever. I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorites and some that I hate. First off, I live and die by Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Win/Mac. … [Read more...]

HTML Tutorial

Since this blog does (claim to) encompass all sorts of Web Development. I've decided to insert a couple basic links. I'm not much for HTML my self. Honestly speaking, I don't know much HTML and I refuse to learn it. Yes, I am a Web Developer and … [Read more...]

WordPress Installed

I finally took it upon myself to install WordPress. I mean I'm just been hearing so much about the darn thing, I figure, why not give it a shot. I've been using Mambo (now renamed to Joomla) for a while. It's a complete website CMS. I've been … [Read more...]