Incredible Expanding Menu

Now there's a lot of code involved and the menu created doesn't really fit normal usability standards, but the end result is cool. Happy July 4th to all you guys. Source: Accessible expanding and collapsing menu [456 Berea Street] … [Read more...]

Steal Browser History with SpyJax

Ever wanted to find out what your users have been up to before they came to your site? Yep, you now have that power. I can see that little twinkle in your eyes now. You're thinking that this is just insane and you can only imagine the power that now … [Read more...]

Very Fancy Menus – CSS And JavaScript

Saw this and I was amazed: All done with CSS And JavaScript. The implementation is also brilliantly simple. And it all fits in 1.5KB. What's to lose? By the way, you can't tell by the image, but the image under that travel menu; it moves … [Read more...]

JavaScript Only Links, Why? Someone Tell Me Why, Please

Why We Might Need (Want) JavaScript Links Recently I stumbled upon a site that I haven't been to for a while: The design is nice and clean: a header image, with some gradients and colors that work together. But wait, where are all the … [Read more...]

More JavaScript Reflections – Automated JavaScript Vertical Flip Image Reflection

I'm not sure what to make of this: Automated JavaScript Vertical Flip Image Reflection. It adds reflections to images using JavaScript. But, am I missing something here, or has it already been done? It seems to do basically the same thing with less … [Read more...]

The Secret of Cancelling and Stopping Events using JavaScript

Introduction Back when I was doing my internship we had a major problem we were trying to solve. The project involved creating a web based terminal emulator using AJAX. Well, it was a little bit more specific than that. It was basically duplicating … [Read more...]

JavaScript Reflection – Wet Floor Effect

Yes again, I'm late. I'm sorry folks, but here we go. Once again we bring together JavaScript and CSS to produce amazing results. Notice the header at the top of this website (assuming that I haven't impulsively changed my theme again)? Nice basic … [Read more...]

LightBox, LightBox2 and LightBox Plus

Yes, I know I'm a bit late with this, but I still had to give you the run down. Originally created by Lokesh Dhakar Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern … [Read more...]