Top 5 Basic SEO Tips – You Can Do These Yourself

In the last five (5) years another key phrase hit the Web Design scene and hit it hard. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is that phrase. It deals with optimizing the content and code on a website to cause the page to rank better in different search … [Read more...]

The Secret of CakePHP Advanced Routing – Even Better URLs

The power of CakePHP has a lot to do with conventions. The framework (like many others) harnesses its power by enforcing certain conventions and standards that users must follow. You name your database tables, file names, etc; a particular way and … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

OK, I know I said beginner. Actually, they said beginner, but this article goes very much in depth into SEO. I've beein applying different SEO techniques to my websites, websites I've done in the past, and just SEO for certain clients. I've been … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Simple SEO

I like how they put it, "SEO isn't rocket science it's more like magic". I'm not saying that these steps should replace major SEO from experts. Well, maybe I am. If you're started out from zero SEO I would suggest these tips to you. This way you … [Read more...]