Need To Find A Dentist

I guess the thing with me is that I'm just so lazy. There's not much else to it. Even with the world wide web sitting at my finger tips damn near anytime I please, I still haven't taken the time to do what I should have done months ago, which is to … [Read more...]

Hardware Fax Solutions

Faxing is something you don't really hear many people talking about these days. Now do you really blame them? With the advent of email, what's really the point, right? But there's a hybrid: there are high tech businesses that live in a world of fiber … [Read more...]

Review: StaticPageBuilder

Introduction These guys make it a point of duty to try their hardest to follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines to drive traffic. Who benefits from this service? Based on the name of this service, you can see that it's not for your average blogger. … [Read more...]

Samsung t509 vs. BlackBerry Pearl – No Contest

I've finally received my cell phone from T-Mobile. It's the Samsung t509, or as I like to call it, the silver plum. My contract was up and I was in search of a new phone. T-Mobile usually doesn't have a very good selection of phones, so my choices … [Read more...]