WebTTY – Terminal Emulator

WebTTY is an interesting package. During my internship I actually had to do something like this. My employer didn't appreciate a pre-packaged solution though, so I had to produce all the code myself. The WebTTY package allows any Linux terminal … [Read more...]

MySQL & SQL Server Performance

I've actually been meaning to try this myself, well a variation of it. I would , however be comparing these speeds from a C# Application performing data access to the SQL Sever 2005 or MySQL backend. Based on these tests it seems that I'd be … [Read more...]

Ajax vs. Ordinary Java

Yakov Fain wrote an interesting article: A Cup of AJAX? Nay, Just Regular Java Please at SYS-CON DEUTSCHLAND. I can agree that big Internet guys [Google] can and should invest some serious dough into supporting screen-refresh-on-mouse-move in … [Read more...]

AJAX Client Engine (ACE) – Problems

I found this link somewhere, I can't remember where. But Li Shen has packaged a nice AJAX wrapper called AJAX Client Engine (ACE). I downloaded it and took a look at it and I must say, it is quite functional. I took a look at his source code and … [Read more...]

Ajax Server Initiated Server Calls

I believe that I now need to rethink the Ajax sequence on the project I am working on for work. As it stands, I had to do some interesting tinkering to make things work and emulate the console side properly. A normal sequence of GETs and POSTs … [Read more...]

Web Development vs. Desktop Development

An interesting article from John Carroll | ZDNet.com explores the differences between AJAX and desktop development. Ajax is rapidly growing into something a lot of developers did not expect. Web designers can now design flashier web pages (minus … [Read more...]

AHAH: Asynchronous HTML and HTTP or AJA?

AHAH: Asynchronous HTML and HTTP.  Or AJA, as I like to call it; Asyhcrhronous JavaScript And…. :).  Also known as AJAH: Asynchronous JavaScript and HTML.  OK, so we’re just throwing around terms here, but basically it … [Read more...]

HTML, PHP, etc Code Editor

This is where many web developers tend to disagree. We can never seem to settle on a good code editor, ever. I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorites and some that I hate. First off, I live and die by Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Win/Mac. … [Read more...]