Firefox 1.5 Released

Ok, Firefox 1.5 was finally released today from Mozilla. Um, I must say that I’m not really impressed. Well, given the types of updates that were made, most people won’t notice a huge difference. There is added support for all sorts of things like SVG, CSS 2, CSS 2, and CSS 3, however most current sites don’t make heavy use of these so we won’t be noticing anything for a while. The Forward and Back buttons have been tweaked for greater response. I personally have not noticed much of a difference. I just hope the thing doesn’t crash like 1.07.

Tabs can not be repositioned by dragging and dropping, with no need for an external extension. Tons of security fixes have been added, which we won’t notice. That is actually a good thing. I feel that they kind of messed up the options interface. It’s all horizontal now. It’s just going to take some time to get used to. There is an auto update feature for updating extensions, themes, and the browser. What’s deferent you ask? It can be set to fully automatic: just download the updates and install whenever available. And the browser update is an actual update as apposed to the “Download the entire Firefox Installation and reinstall”.

There are tons of reviews on it and more detail about the changes. I’ve included a short list below.
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