InsaneGB Review – Free Web Server 5GB Disk Space, 20GB Bandwidth

I can’t remember where exactly I heard about this web host, but sounded like a great deal. You can read their website for more details, but in a nutshell they got PHP 5, MySQL 4, and everything (Databases, Add-on domains, etc) is unlimited except disk space and bandwidth. They give you 5GB for disk space and 20GB on bandwidth per month. Which is great for a free host, if you ask me; heck, they even offer cron jobs.

Testing Their Setup

So I decided to give them a shot. I put up my personal blog on their server. In retrospect, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea, but I did it anyway. At first everything was great. Stuff was fast and everything was popping up instantly. There were some things that most would consider acceptable for a free host.

  • I couldn’t run any PHP ini_set commands

    So there’s no increasing running time for scripts. I guess I would live without that.

  • You can’t open/download any files from outside servers

    This I came across when trying to use some of my WordPress plugins that automatically install plugins and automatically upgrade the WordPress installation. Oh, well.

For a savings of at least $7 a month, I guess I can install scripts and upgrade WordPress myself.

Where They Lost Me

So with every free host, there’s some give and take. But I just experienced some major downtime: upwards of two (2) hours.

Oh well, sounded like a good idea at first.


  1. Dreamhost has [in the past, now and then, had] that kind of downtime…

    But then again, 10 bucks for a 3 pack of call backs is great. The guy I talked to emailed me a custom script to build a new version of PHP on my server, and when it wouldn’t run because of wrong encoding, he went and ran the two scripts himself, built PHP, installed it in the cgi-bin directory of the specific site I needed, and called me back to let me know it was done.