I Hate Internet Explorer With A Passion

I jsut realized that my brand new WordPress theme sucks in Internet Explorer 7. My footer doesn’t show up, and my sidebar is all the way to the bottom.

I remember when I first started with this them, I went through the whole cross browser thing and everything looked fine. I tweaked everything to my liking and was satisfied. Now I have to go backwards, one element at a time and try to isolate which tweak, new content, post, or plugin that has caused this to happen.

Or I may just find a new theme. But in the mean while, I’ll continue hating IE. Why doesn’t stuff just work as it’s supposed to?

 I realized this problem at the worst possible time, Monday morning at 1:41AM, so who knows when I’ll get to it.


  1. Well, I’m working with websites, and I’m sure web developers like me hate Internet Explorer because of its non-standard implementation of html standards. And making Javascript work on Internet Explorer the same way as it should be on Firefox makes my hair fall out.

  2. OMG! I’m working on a site for a client and I thought well lets check it in IE8. Result: Loads of script conflicts (such as PNG Alpha transparency in combination with jQuery opacity statements) and heaps of display problems. I’ve tried to look for a png fix such as the ones for IE6 and came to the conclusion…. THERE IS NOT ONE!!!!!


    I’ve checked all the sites that I made over the last 2 years in IE8 and I was shocked to see that they all have major issues regarding usability, display and functionality.
    After cursing for an hour or so and wishing Bill Fucking Gates everything what we don’t want to have, I really don’t know how I’m going to explain my former clients that I need days and in some cases even, weeks, to solve all the issues and that they have to pay for me to do so while actually BILL FUCKING GATES have to pay me for that.

    Seriously, I know that I as a web developer can’t ignore Internet Explorer, because there are still too many end users stuck with the shitiest browser on earth, but deep in my Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc, HEARTH… I WISH I COULD!


    I’ve lost uncountable (ok…around 15) emails due to IE.

    I’d be almost finished writing a long drawn out business email, and when I go to send, IE freezes and I lose everything.

    Firefox NEVER does that.

  4. I hate Internet Explorer with a passion and Love Firefox with a passion!


  5. Brian Fitz says:

    Just thought I would chime in as well. I’ve spent most of the day getting this gorgeous template customized for a client. Man does it look beautiful! Then of course, I go over to IE8 and SPLAT, thing looks downright nasty. So, thank you IE, for wasting the last 1 hour of my time as I try to put in all the necessary hacks in place to make you work how you’re supposed to. Microsoft, if you don’t play by the rules in terms of open Web standards then, by golly, I’ll murk you.


  6. IE Fudger says:

    Writing web sites takes way longer thanks to IE. Even features that MS say should work, don’t work, so even if you Do follow their standards, you’re still wasting your time. I’ve spent WAY too many hours fixing “bugs” that aren’t even bugs. I wouldn’t say I write code that works in IE, I’d say I write patches in IE that fudge the system well enough to appear plausible on some (but not all) occasions. Way too many times I write which says something like (if this is IE, then do something really bizzare, because IE understands that, although nobody else in the world would).

  7. IE Fudger says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. My number one reason for hating IE is that it’s developer tools are a complete joke when compared to Firebug. IE tools are harder to “explore” the code than any bugs that might be in the code. Notebook is IE’s best debugging tool.

  8. I have just completed a full created simple website for one of my customers and it looked very great on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, but when testing it on Windows 7 using IE 8, IT ABSOLUTELY DID NOT!!! Why after all of this hard work end up badly to IE?! I’d just put a yellow bar saying “You’re using an unsupported browser! Switch to Firefox or Safari!”

  9. I believe there needs to be a movement to get rid of IE or ensure that it is up to par with ALL of the other browsers. If all websites detected IE and redirected to a main page that tells them the website they were trying to visit no longer supports Internet Explorer and allowed the user to read about and pick one of the “good” browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.), I think we would all be better off.


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