Tables vs. CSS, A No Brainer


Here we go again, the age old story. Do we use plain old HTML Tables or do we invest the time and energy into learning and using CSS properly? Duh, it’s not even worth saying anymore. Tables suck, tables have always sucked. The only thing that keeps tables going for so long is their ease of design.

More Evidence

Tables Bad, CSS Good… tells us, again, why we should us CSS whenever possible:

  • Search Engines: I have redesigned many websites eliminating tables and placing all links in unordered lists and have seen there search engine rankings improve drastically.
  • Compatibility: Remember that in today’s day and age websites are being viewed on everything from 60 inch plasma TV’s to 3 inch cell phone screens. If you assign a table a width of 780 it becomes near impossible for visitor using a handheld device to view your website.
  • Accessibility: People with disabilities have the right to enjoy the web! If your website uses tables a visitor using an audio browser is going to have trouble accessing your website. Go ahead and try to use your website with and audio browser…

Still having doubts; I really don’t know what to tell you right now. Just get over yourself and grab hold of CSS with both hands and promise never to let go ever again.


  1. I really feel for the zealwith which you push .css and not tables. But really, that is such LAME zealotry. It’s like looking at a toolbox and saying “hammer, you suck. I’ll never use you again, and why did I ever? I’ll use pliers from now on and do everything with them, not matter what.”

    Why can’t we be *SMARTER* about it and say, tables have their place and css has its place? Make them work together, which is much easier than trying to do one or the other.

    From personal experience, using both, I can say that tables are far more compatible across platforms and versions of browsers and brands of browsers than css. They are simple and reliable.

    css, on the other hand, allows me to control the content within cells (if I choose to use tables– and I like them) reliably and easily.

    Best of both worlds and I get far more compatibility without using hacks than if I try to use one or the other.